Historical Milestones

1981 Founded the first Fox Company to photograph and compile Artist Tour Books and do album cover shots, Chair of IUP Special Events Committee (college promoter)
1982 First copyright (for a UNIX-based, full screen, calendar driven scheduling system)

TAMS (Tour Accounting Management and Scheduling) software including Calendar based Itinerary, Travel, Deal Sheets, Settlements, Petty Cash, History, Ad Tracking, History, Ticket Counts and Cash Trail: used by The Who, Supertramp, Van Halen and many other rock groups
1983 Developed and copyrighted and released: FoxPro (promoter system with Building Avails, Deal Sheets, Ticket Counts, Ad Tracking, Personnel, Settlements, History)
1984 Developed, copyrighted and released: TAD (agency system with Building and Artist Avails, Deal Sheets, Itinerary, Contracts, Deposits, Ticket Counts)
1985 Completed and copyrighted OTS (Fox ticketing system); installed in the state of Alabama

Site Coordinator for LiveAid and Amnesty International World Tour

Developed, copyrighted and released: FoxCon (concession system including Itinerary, Inventory Control, Disbursements, Closing, Settlements, Deals, History)
1986 Developed, copyrighted and released: Merch (merchandising system for selling T-shirts with a traveling rock band)

Developed, copyrighted and released: Radio Airplay Tracking for tracking play lists and Top 40 information, also Promotional Flyaway
1987 Developed, copyrighted and released: Record Sales Tracking including Stores, Orders, Shipped/WIP, Outstanding, Closing Royalties, Commissions
1988 Developed, copyrighted and released: Fan Clubs including Fans, Merch, Tickets, Orders, Collections, Inventory/Stock Movement
1989 Developed, copyrighted and released: Recording Studios including Calendar based schedule, Personnel, Sessions, Acts/Artists/Record Companies, Budgets, Billing
1990 Developed, copyrighted and released: Video Shoots including Calendar based schedule, Personnel, Shoots, Acts/Artists/Record Companies, Budgets, Billing
1991 Developed, copyrighted and released: Publishing including Calendar based schedule, Writers & Performers, Songs Splits, Record Companies, Budgets, Statements & Checks
1992 Established National Ticketing Charge: a business that integrated ticketing and card swipe technologies
1993 Revised the OTS ticketing system to interface with IVR (interactive voice response) technology
1994 Revised the OTS ticketing system to interface with kiosk-outlets. Sold the original Fox companies to a private bank

Woodstock 2
1995 Deployed the ticketing system used by Pearl Jam for its tour, through a West Coast company including kiosks, phone center, internet, bar coded admissions, mobile box office

Developed the technology used for Prodigy’s Beatles’ record release promotion
1996 Deployed the ticketing system used by Pearl Jam on the East Coast

Established Internet-based ticketing for Pearl Jam

Private bank dissolved in October;

Established The FoxMan Group in November;

Began development of VisitorTracker
1997 First deployments of VisitorTracker:

Began development of TourBiz
1998 Signed TourBiz contracts with two divisions of SFX (Agency and Promoter)

Launched VisitorTracker demo and established franchises serving the medical, entertainment, gambling, night club, museum, hotel, catalog sales, liquor, and television industries
1999 Woodstock 3, Top20.com later firstlook.com (an idealab! project)
2000-2003 Founded a new company Vertical Alliance (VC funded)

Created Vertical Tracker (E-commerce, E-content, E-CRM enterprise tool set)

Created FanTracker (Ticketing and Merchandising tool set)

Vertical Tracker distribution network to 42 web shops including agency.com, US Networks, RazorFish, Omnient

Fan Tracker installed for 13 ISC owned NASCAR web based tickets and merchandise
Summer 2003 Vertical Alliance acquired by Sports focused company – David focus on VA projects into 2004

Created outbound phone call system to confirm season renewals and sell “released” seats on the day of show, fully voice activated for natural speech integration

Created self service kiosk network for will call and ticket sales
2004 FoxMan.com reestablished

SiloBuster.com (CRM based web fan club manager tools)

CAN-web.com (College Financial Application tools)

Wireless admission control system white paper (national wireless carrier for a national sports circuit venue owner)
2005 Breaking A Band in the Internet Age (a book for FoxMan by David Cooper)

DIRECTtoFAN.com (Music/Artist based fan club & transaction system)

AdmissionControlSolutions.com  (ACS)

DIRECTtoFAN -PRO – on tour with U2

All Sports Legends (mall portal)
2006 MySource4.com (mall portal)

ACS – partners with Sprint

DIRECTtoFAN – PRO – on tour with Madonna
2007 TourDesign (a LiveNation company)

NASCAR – Track Services

DIRECTtoFAN – PRO – on tour with the Police
2008 NASCAR – Security


DIRECTtoFAN – new PRO TOOLS series – Tix Allot USAenergyManagement.com
2009 build PlayerMade (mall portal for Sports)

build MusicMade (mall portal for Music)
2010 USA Green Energy Mall

build tixPROMOS